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Light Side or Dark Side; and why?

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Are you just being sarcastic?

No I bloody well am not!

Pain is all mankind is sure to experience.

Somewhere this is a person, who has suffered a thousand planets' pain. Who has suffered pain that would kill a mortal, and still keeps fighting on. The one who reduces our suffering by taking the brunt of it. He is our true saviour.


He is the son of thunder and consolation.

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Are you just being sarcastic?


While I agree with your assessment of the first two classes, I disagree with the third. The jedi master I feel is better than the sith lord:


The jedi master's power "inspire followers" is better than crush opposition since it increases your damage and AB by 5, while crush opposition lowers the opponents stats, but allows a save. An consular/master gets +6 to wisdom as a mastery bonus, while a consular/sith lord gets +100 FP. The +6 to wis adds +3 to your DC's, and is worth an extra 90 FPs by level 30. Since your personal crystal also boosts wisdom (LS), you can start wisdom at 14, and get it to 30+ by end game with items, and never put a point in it. Instead, you can raise charisma at level up, giving you a discount on DS powers. Even 20 cha is good enough, as it will give you a -5 discount to every shot of force lightning.


Finally, I agree that Sith MArauder wins over Weapon MAster, especially for a dex build. You can however make a LS Sith MArauder, and get master fury and force enlightenment.


Interestingly, a DS guardian/Sith MAurauder makes a really good blaster wielding jedi, since the damage from mastery, increased combat damage I-III and fury all add to ranged weapon damage, while the LS power, increased melee damage, does not.


The force pwoers for darkside are the best though. If you are darkside master though I guess it does not matter. I have personally never thought of going light with most of these bad dudes and stuff. This is interesting.

Duh, "Sidious was strongest sith lord in his time" my ass, he was the only sith lord
- Xard
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What about Neutral? Jolee or Kreia could be close to it.

Deep from within...


Victims live a life of fantasy.


Some see salvation as an act of God, a few look within for it.



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