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Gotos security console

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It changes each time, and can even change after you've killed another enemy.


Look at the text at the top of the screen. It will say something like One-Zero-One or Zero-One-Zero, or something similar, where the three digits can be 1's or 0's.


As soon as you see that message, go to the security console, and enter in the regular number.


The last digit is whether you add 2^0, or 1, to it. Thus 001 = 1


The second digit is whether you add 2^1, or 2, to it. Thus, 010 = 2


The first digit is whether you add 2^2, or 4, to it. Thus 100 = 4




Just as an example:


001 = 1

011 = 3

111 = 7


010 = 2

100 = 4

101 = 5

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the droids speak a part of the code after they are dysttroyed


the numbers are in base 2 or binary the primary programing language for computers.

Your not all ways being honest when your telling the truth.


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For people who still don't get it that's the reason why you sometimes have to set 0 to 1 in SWKotor2.ini to put things from off to on.






to turn on screenshots. Bio/OE didn't made that one up! :wacko:




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