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(This isn't final, but very likely, I'll change it if anything happens). Basically it's just the Lakers game left to decide the final picture, assuming the Bulls don't collapse.


The East:


Detroit V. Milwaukee


Miami V. Chicago


N.J. V. Indiana


Cleveland V. Washington



The West:


San Antonio V. Sacramento


Phoenix V. L.A. Lakers


Denver V. L.A. Clippers


Dallas V. Memphis



List my complete bracket when everything is final, but I can make some basic picks now:


Finals: Dallas Vs. Detroit


I want to go upset, but I go Detroit

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The East:


1st round: Detroit; Miami; NJ; Cleveland.


2nd round: Cleveland; Miami. (Wade vs. LBJ! (w00t) )


East Champ: Miami.



The West:


1st round: Sacramento(even if Duncan's ankle holds up); Phoenix; Clippers; Dallas.


2nd round: Clippers; Phoenix.


West Champ: Clippers ( :( )


Finals Champ: Miami.


@kumq: Detroit meets Cleveland in the second round... unless I am mistaken?

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Fixed (I had fun with Chicago, as I don't see anyone getting past the Pistons anyways)




First Round Winners




Bulls (upset, had to)






Second Round Winners







Detroit wins





First Round Winners


San Antonio


LA Lakers


LA Clippers




Second Round Winners




LA Clippers



Dallas the winner





Dallas vs. Detroit


Detroit wins

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I just went to the NBA.com and there was a "PLayoff store" for shirts and such. So I was like: "nifty!". I click on the link just to see whats there.



.........they had apparel for 15 teams. Guess which team they left out.




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- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


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1st round

Detroit (sweep)

Miami (Miami will lose 1 or 2 games)

New Jersey (tight)

Washington (wash will lose 1 or 2 games)


2nd round

San Antonio (sweep)

Phoenix (Suns will lose 1 game, maybe)

Clippers (tight)

Dallas (sweep)


The finals will be Dallas vs. Detroit. Detroit will take care of business and win it all. :blink:

Life is like a clam. Years of filtering crap then some bastard cracks you open and scrapes you into its damned mouth, end of story.

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