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FREE KOTOR II WinAmp Skins-Worth The Download!

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Greetings :D



if you have winamp (if you don't have winamp go here: www.winamp.com ) I have found a couple of FREE KOTOR II winamp skins from a site while browsing the net, and let me tell you they are worth downloading. They are totally free! All you have to do is double click on the winamp skins to download them. I can reassure you they do work! because I just down loaded them my self and they are on my conmputer now. (NOTE: they may very from computer to computer) Let me know if you are successful.



WARNING: The site is in a different language.









Fabulous news! I have some how found a way to translate the while web page into english!


view here:






Samples Only:













when you have downloaded them please come back here and let me know if you're successful. :D






And Enjoy!




-Bas :D

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I know why becasue you will need to go ito the un-translated version to download but that doesn't matter here is the dirct downloads for you..



INSTRUCTION: you will need WinAmp installed on your computer for theses KOTOR II skins too work. double click on the links below and download them then once downloaded double click on them and bingo you should have your KOTOR II WinAmp.


theses do work becasue I downloaded them today.







1. http://www.starwars-union.de/vonfansfuerfa.../SWKOTOR2v2.wsz



2. http://www.starwars-union.de/vonfansfuerfa...KOTOR2light.wsz



3. http://www.starwars-union.de/vonfansfuerfa...mp/SWKOTOR2.wsz




theses links are the direct links so theses will save you the time and trouble of finding the download point.



Let me know when you are successful.





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ok downloaded it ;)


but it contained an extremely worthless readme, seriously the worst ive ever come across, lol, what do i do with the files where to i plunk them into the winamp files?



***  ***    *****    *********    *****      *******   

*** ***    ***  ***      ***      ***  ***    ***  *** 

*****      ***  ***      ***      ***  ***    ******     

*** ***    ***  ***      ***      ***  ***    ***  ***   

***  ***    *****        ***        *****      ***    *** 



WinAmp Skin





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download them to you computer I think whereever you saver them. find the file then just double click on the file and bingo it should work.



Make shore your have WinAmp on your computer first. If you don't you can down load it : here : for free then after you have WinAmp on your computer then download the KOTOR skins with the links i provided. I garantee they do work becasue they worked on my computer. Though I don't know about other peoples computers but they do work becasue I am playing cool music with my cool Kotor skin :p they are really col too.





P.S has anyone else been successful too yet? they are great skins. any Kotor fan who doesn't have theses will go crazy without them. -_-

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