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the Immortal Exile

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I don't know if y'all are familiar with Highlander but it was a movie series (although only the first film was good) and a TV show about people known as Immortals. The Immortals are people who can only be killed by decapitation and if they kill another Immortal, they get a 'Quickening", meaning that they get the power of who they've slain.


Now, as the Exile

gets her/his power from others,

what do you think of this paralell?

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The Exile is still mortal and can be killed by convential or by biological means. The Exile is not immortal, but someone that feeds off of others more like a vampire or leach.

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Besides, the Exile doesn't need to kill people in order absorb power from them. Indeed, they very much need to be alive for him to do that.


He also is not forced onto a path of confrotations and duels with his fellow "immortals".


PS: I didn't even think the first Highlander movie was that good...

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I liked the shows. The Highlander series was pretty decent. Can't really remember too much about the movies. But to keep on topic, there is a slight similarity between the quickening and the Exile's absorbing the force from the masters as he kills them but the thing with the Exile is that it requires him/her to take the DS path. Aside from the visual effects, there is no connection.

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