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KOTOR 1 question...

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I have a problem..



I once un-installed Kotor1 with the thingy called "Remove or change programs"..

I didnt know then that you shall never do things like that..


SOoo.. I wanted yo play Kotor1 again, and I decided to install it.


So, I pop in the cd, and wait a sec. and then the stranges things happen..


I get the Bioware's special "box" (the blue thing).. it says Install and Exit.


I press install. Now, install shiled Wizards asks if I want to confirm my un-installation..


I press OK.. the Install SHield Wizard asks, if I want to keep my saved games.. I select no.


Now it says ::


Star wars : Knight of the old Republic has been uninstalled from your computer.


I press Finish, and nothing happenes after that.


if I re-pop the cd in, the exact same thing happenes..


Please, does anyone know what this problem is, and more importantly HOW TO FIX IT..


I really want to play BOTH kotor games.. (My copy of Kotor2 works perfectlly).


[sorry for my bad english, but I'm in a hurry]

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Okay, open up the disk directory and bypass the autorun.  Double click setup.  If it still does this it means something is screwy with your registry.  Open up the registry and manuall remove all KotOR 1 references then try again.



Ok.. I'm trying to do as you've written, but I don't exatctly understand how to bupass the autorun.. Shall I delete the autorun things, or what?




NVM the things I've written above, I understoob what you meant with the setup and all.. but that still doesent change a thing..



And how do I acces the registry?

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You beat me to it. I was looking it up for the various versions of Windows. I didn't want too give the the instuctions for WIndows XP in case he wasn't using it. Then I find out its pretty much the same for all the versions. Silly me.


Yes, back up the registry before you do anything. Back ups gooooooooood!

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OK, I've accesed that regedit screen. The only Kotor1 "leftover" was a file (?) (it has a file ikon though) that is named BioWare Corp (befor I did anything, I exported the stuff). I just deleted it. I didnt found anythings else that has a connection to kotor1.


Then, I pressed the X in the higher-right corner of the screen, and popped the CD in.


And it fked up, just as before... Did I do anything wrong? I didnt find a SAVE button though.. maybe I'm just blind.



OH.. if anyone's able to type the answer and stuff in swedish, please do so.. its not necessary, but IF you can please do so..



Judge Hades.. I noticed that your online, (atleast now when I'm typing this) and maybe you could answer (just a suggestion, not a demand :) ).



/Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, but I the only other language i know beside English is Latin and I can really only read it decently enough. As for your problem I am really stumped. Usually that regedit thingie works for me. Hmmmm... Possibly a more deep rooted problem.


Since it is a Bioware game I would PM one of the Bioware peeps. Stanly Woo would be a good choice. he is oneof the High up QA guys. If he doesn't know the answer then he more than likely know who does.

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