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Quick Mod Question....


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Hey all,


Just read through the where to find mods sticky after starting a new game of KotOR1 and cannot find anything in a couple of the links there; so does anyone here know if there is a mod for KotOR that allows your PC to wear the same type of robes that you can wear in KotOR2 and if anyone does know, can I have the link? :)


I wouldn't mind otherwise, it's just that I have been spoilt by the ankle-reaching robes in K2 and now hate the robes from K1 >_<.


Thanks in advance for help anyone... :)

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Yeah, I don't think I have seen anything like that.


Get the "movie style robes" mod, though. It makes the godawful K1 robes much more bearable.

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Any idea where I could get this mod?


I will have a look at the mod sites stickied in this page, just asking if its anywhere remote... :)


EDIT: Ah, no worries, I've got it now :)

I'm definately going to get that mod, much better than the game's robes, thanks numbersman! :thumbsup:

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As we were talikg about mods, is there a mod for K1 that fixes the Sentinel feat and skill progression to be like the feat and skill progression for the same class in K2? The Sentinel in K1 is qute weak, while the same class in K2 is very powerful.

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