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Anyone else getting this?

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Before I start, I want to say that I have experienced this in almost every game of K2 that I have played, around 15 or so. I usually set all my jedi party members, including the Exile, to the jedi support combat mode. While controling another character in combat, when I switch back to the Exile I notice that even though he/she has the third tier powers of force wave or force storm, he/she has the second tier attack in the queue, the whirlwind or force lightning. Those are the only two powers I notice it on, though there may be others as well. I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this. It's not a serious issue, but it shouldn't be happening. :wub:

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I never really noticed but next time I play I'll keep an eye out.


I have been playing K1 and after my second planet when I returned to the Ebon Hawk my T3 turned into Zaalbar. Now I have two Zaalbars. When I left the Ebon Hawk and you get that screen with the NPC's where T3 would be there's a Zaalbar. Now every time I enter and leave the ship there's a new Zaalbar. I'm at 12 Zaalbars :angry: and I'm this close to make rugs :(


Anyone else came across this?

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