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Video being choppy problem


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I havent had this problem untill jsut recently


Im running on an

AMD Opteron Dual Processer 248

2.21GZ 2.00 Gig of Ram

NVidia 6800


And when i get in the game, no matter what resolution i am on or what my graphics are set at, Darth Sion is always really choppy, and durring my cutscenes the screen just freezes with choppyness as thouhg the graphics are set too high, now obviously, if i can run other games at 1600x1200 and max detail this shoudnt be a problem, and it hasnt been untill now.


I have no mods, I have the most current Video Drivers, the Current version of KOTOR 2, and I dont know what is going on.



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I had your card and i could do 1600 x 1200 no problem, as long as AA was on 2 and not 8 lol.


Firstly, make sure its not set to 8x Anti Aliasing because not only will it KILL performance, it actually looks WORSE then x4 because of the game engine i assume. At that resoloution x2 is enough anyway.


You dont happen to have 2 monitors do you? lol.

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Ah... is it a dual core? Theres issues with those currently. I'm not sure if it was resolved, however i think osmeone mentioned disabling the dual core in the bios fixed it, i'll have a look...


EDIT: for the dual core users i've found 2 possible fixes.


1: update motherboard bios


2: downgrade Nvidia drivers to a non v8xxx, like v7x.xx instead, apparantly that fixes things too.

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Ah well then, maybe downgrading will help even if your not dual core...


I belive you uninstall your graphics card drivers through device manager, normally i dont bother when changing drivers but the best way really is to uninstall your graphics card driver then install the older drivers.


Might also be worth checking if theres another new version out, incase they fixed a problem you got.


You could also try using the disable vertex buffer, incase that is the problem. I'll fetch a link explaining it...


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Do a google search for a free utility called Driver Cleaner. Even after you do the uninstall of your graphics drivers under Add/Remove programs. Run that utility. It will get every last remnant of the specified driver. (Works on all NVidia & ATI devices)

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Yes make sure you go into regedit after uninstalling and delete all files relating to Nvidia - unless you have an Nforce mobo and then it gets a bit confusing so it is best to leave it. I have a 6800 Ultra and the game runs perfect for me on 16x AF 4x AA and 1280x1024 with everything else turned off. If you want to improve performance with it get Fraps and check different settings effects on FPS. Also you will want to chane something in swkotor.ini which will improve the FPS by quite a bit: 16 3D voices and 24 2D voices reduces the richness of the game but improves fps and set Disable Vertex Buffer Objects to 1.

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