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Dear Mods.

Child of Flame

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I have had two topics deleted in the past twenty four hours, both without warning, or subseqent PM explaining why they were deleted and whodunit.


I'd PM the mod in question looking for answers, but I have no idea who did it.


One was a topic asking if I should ditch my current avatar in favor of a new one.


The other was a respectful conversation on the merits of theistic evolution vs. straight up creation.


Neither were particularly uncouth and I am wondering why they got such treatment, and I was disrespected by not being informed after the fact.

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Threads that are found to essentially be spam are often summarily deleted right away. I agree that it would be polite of us to PM the author after deletion and will ask the other mods to do so.



But sadly, which threads are spam and which are not, is a question that its entirely up to us mods to decide. Its not very democratic, but its the way it is. But if you disagree and present a good argument why, then perhaps your thread might get restored :lol:

"Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime is death."

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