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Fire Emblem for the GC


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Since i've almost finished Planescape: Torment, i crave for another RPG with a great story. Has anyone tried Fire Emblem? Is it worth 59.90

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They says it's just like, with a few small changes, the GBA versions.


So, having played both, they are fun tactical games. Much like Silent Storm in terms of squad based tactical game with rpg-lite qualities.


Their not an RPG


It does have a story, but they are typical Eastern style RPG plots, never cared for them.

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Only tried the GBA versions, but the GC version looks sweet (were-dragon like things and whatnot... heh heh).


It doesn't have a traditional story, but the character background is fairly decent... I actually almost felt bad when my little girl archer died begging her father/some-other-male-influence-in-her-life (miles away, I might add) for forgiveness. But, her death allowed me to position Kane (I think that was his name... been forever since I played that one...) close enough to sieze a victory.


Wait until the prices go down on it, and I would recommend giving it a try, if you enjoy strategy as well as semi-fluently-flushed-out stories.


But, that's just me...

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