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Game better with or without the patches?

Is the game better with or without the patches?  

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  1. 1. Is the game better with or without the patches?

    • 1. A lot better
    • 2. The Same
    • 3. Worse
    • 4. A lot worse

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I think its worse. It does not do much. I played through once without, then once with it, and I did not see much difference. And, it also created more bugs than the regular game! (big shock here! :luck: l) I just deleted it. It was crap.

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And, if there is an option for "worse", what happened to "better"?


I don't think that the patches made the game a lot better, as it is still one major patch below par (an official fix for the Telos Academy imprisonment cutscene fix introduced by the 1.0B patch would be a minimum for a responsible publisher).


I don't think the patches left the game the same, as there were some annoying issues patched which didn't make their way into the change log (synchronisation on the dialogue for the HK-50s in the Telos Military Base, amongst others).


So, I can't vote :p:(:thumbsup:

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It's mainly a bug-fix patch, and I wasn't one of the unlucky ones who encountered serious bugs before the patch was released, so it had no effect on my experience. I haven't tried out the media/music patches yet, but I'm looking forward to it, when I find the time.

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The same.

I also was one of those who never had any serious problems originally..just the occasional minor/humourous visual graphic glitches that didn't interfere with gameplay at all ...the patches did nothing to change things for me, one way or another.

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