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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD


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This is bad news for us. We can't count on being able to play any disk on whichever we choose and we have to gamble that whichever one we choose will end up obsolete in the near future.


Some folks will worry more about price and some folks will worry more about quality. My gut instinct is to go for BlueRay, but I don't want an expensive paper weight.

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Issue is that Sony is a big player and gone Blu-Ray, Sony pictures will go Blu-Ray and it seens that anti-piracy system will appeal more to the studios making HD-DVD a less appealing system.


In consoles the line was set but it gives the PS3 more points since as Sony will likely push Blu-Ray movies and Microsoft does not Sony advantage (since Sony have Sony Pictures and MS dont own any movie studio or publisher).


The PC, Blu-Ray again have the anti-piracy system that appeal to the publishers and the issue of games does not exist since the standart still is CD and not DVD, it might drive prices up but likely by the time DVD becames the standart Blu-Ray players will be cheap and then we have the whole DVD movie player angle.


Actually I think Blu-Ray is not as "not cross compatible" as its being said, after all the PS3 is backward compatible with the older Playstations and so able to play games in both DVD and CD format.

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Without backing up with any empirical data, besides my guts, i bet Blu-Ray will become the next standard.

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I think you will find that the next standard, after Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, will be an all-encompassing one.


Much the way PCI allowed the proprietary and mutually exclusive Micro Channel Architecture and Extended Industry Standard Architecture standards (successors to the initial ISA or AT-Bus architecture) to be bypassed.




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It's not the specs so much as what you do with it.


For data, DVD wasn't a hyge leap above CD's. Game publishers still ship on multiple CD's rather than a single CD. But with DVD's we suddenly got tons of new features that VHS didn't offer.


When we leaped from cassette tapes to CD, I was less impressed with what it did for music, but blown away with its applications for the computer.


I believe Blu-Ray will win this fight, and I don't know why Toshiba wouldn't accept the proposed merged standard simply because it was "mostly" Blu-Ray.


What I'm curious about is what they will do with this new medium.

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