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Can This Be Fixed?

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After I see a video the game freezes all i see is a black-screen


(!)I have Installed The Latest Drivers

(!)I have Installed The Latest Patch For The Game

(!)I Use The Following: M/B: Asus Deluxe A8V-E / Asus Extreme AX600 Pro (Radeon)/AMD 3000+ 64 Bit / 1 GB Ram / 80 HDD WD

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The other thing which I could suggest is adjusting the refresh rate for your computer. Right-click on your desktop and a menu appears. Click on Properties. Another menu comes up, so click on Settings tab. Then click on the Advanced button. Another menu with several tabs comes up, so look in the tabs of that menu for the one where it displays several refresh rates to choose from. Just hit Ok after you have adjusted it. Try running the game then.

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I got exactly the same problem. I see the video, and then the game wouldn't start. I can only hear the music, and when I use ctrl+alt+del I see that the game is "not responding".


I've already installed the latest patch, and my computer is far above game's minimum spacifications. I tried adjusting my screen, nothing helps.


Please, I've just bought the game after playing KOTOR for three times, I was so eager to play it at last... And now this :thumbsup:

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It sounds like your graphics card is having a hard time switching from the movie screen resolution (800x600, I believe) to whatever resolution you're playing the game with - or maybe switching from 2d to 3d (I'm pretty sure the movies are recorded and not rendered real time).


A driver upgrade may be in order ...

Also, are you running any third-party AGP controlling software? Are you overclocked?

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