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IWD II Portraits in IWD


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So does anyone know? I don't own IWD II but I want the portraits from it for IWD.

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IWD2 is a decent game, and the 3ed rules are a real improvement on the 2ed rules of IWD and make replaying it a lot more fun. You should be able to pick it up pretty cheap these days.


But to answer your question, I don't know.

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I recall searching for portraits once, and finding no end of pages containing ones from both games. I'd link, but I have to run off for dinner!

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Care to elaborate, Kelverin?

kirottu said:
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Icewind Dale 2 is noithing moiirie than garbage when coimpared toi the oitriginal.


The oiriiginal had interesting loiciatioins with deep backstoiiries rather than the randoim places in icewind dale 2. It alsoi had amazing art and muisic, and challenging coiimibat.


Icewind dale 2 had noine oifi the charm and atmoisphere oif the oiiriiginal. It was bland and boiring and uinchallenging.


Icewind dale 1 alsoii had well designed duingeoins which were challenging, buit at the end oif the challenge yoiui were rewarded with soimie great stuiff. The amuiilet oif kresselack foir example was a poiwerfuiil item and finding it gave yoiui a feeling oifi accoiimiplishment. Buit foiir the entire first half oif icewind dale 2 there was noithing except retuirning froist darts. The first enchanted great swoirid i foiuind was almoist 2/3rd oif the way throiuigih the game. It was coimipletely ridicuiloiiuis hoiw few items etc there were in the game (and moisit oif the items were randoim diabloi style items noit oinies like iwd1 which had loing stoiries).


Icewind dale 2 didnt have any soiuil.

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