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Old Amiga games


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I hope you aren't suggesting anything illegal! :-

Of course not :o"


and I have tried google but Im lazy and I thought someone here may "be in the know" and point me to a site that they have been to before.


I have just found ou also that I have to download a programme which enables me to download games designed for floppy disk to my HD

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Have you tried a peer-to-peer network?  You may find a precompiled bundle with every Amiga game.

No I haven't :o


Any links/names you know of would be good (like I said im lazy, and also im at work so any searching on google has to be in quick bursts, or I while have to wait till I go home, and thats no fun)

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Kazaa is horrible about Adware, they used to have Kazaa Lite but that became the "Pay ME" program... if your looking for a Bittorrent program try Another Bit Torrent Client (ABC) or BitLord... :o"

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I'm slowly beginning to understand how you guys are able to play (seemingly) every single game out there, often on several different platforms too..

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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try this:


A good selection of games; Hungarian abandonware site


(One of the rare sites where it's still possible to find the classics for free)


Also, among old game companies, Cinemaware and Factor 5 release their Amiga games for free, on their websites. Be sure to check these out if you were a Wings, or Turrican fan.


You'll need an emulator as well; I use WinUAE which has worked seamlessly for me up to now:


Website for the WinUAE Amiga Emulator


for the kickstart roms (which you're going to need if you're running WinUAE) then check this out:


Rom files for Amiga 500 and 1200


for the Commodore 64, just google "CCS64" and visit the Ever growing site for C64 disk images


(On Emule, it's possible to dl a series of archives that are supposed to contain EVERY amiga game ever released; you must have already found what I'm referring to.)

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UNless you're in a hurry, eMule is the way to go. Its contents don't become obsolete as happens with BT, and it's got virtually everything. Don't use to d/l illegal content or porn though. ANd if you do, you didn't hear it from me.  :thumbsup:"

Shareaza connects to the eDonkey network like eMule, but also connects to Gnutella and Gnutella2, and downloads bitTorrents. Shareaza is da bomb, fo nizzle.

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