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Best Armor in TSL?

What do you think is the best Armor in TSL?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best Armor in TSL?

    • Jedi/sith Robes
    • Powered Suits/Armor
    • Unpowered Heavy Armor
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Upgraded
    • Dancer Outfit

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For Jedi characters, Ossus Keeper Robes is the way to go - especially for male characters, who (after sparring with Handmaiden) can add the extra +2 WIS bonus to defense.


For pure combat capability for non-Jedi, Felenar Armor (+11 Defense, +4 Max DEX Bonus) with Flexible Underlay (+3 DEX, +3 Max DEX Bonus) and Bonded Plates Mk IV is the way to go.


Asthetically, the M'uhk'gfa is actually quite stylish for a female character (nice light purple shading - not at all what you'd expect from custom-made Gamorrean armor), and adds damage resistance for melee and energy attacks to boot.


I also like the looks and high Max DEX Bonus of the Electromesh Suit, Electromesh Armor, and Sith Battle Suit.


All that said - I voted for robes - upgradable robes, particularly.


One of these days I'm going to cheat code my way into getting all the different flavors of robes and take a look at them. I like the looks of most of what I've seen so far.


I do wish the Jal Shey and Zeison Sha armors didn't look so gay, though.

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If you are male and got the Battle Precognition feat from Handmaiden, then one of the robes that give you a WIS bonus as well, such as the Baran Do Sage robe, or Nomi's Robe. The Ossus Keeper robes also work very well, and you'll always find at least one in every game (museum on Onderon).


If you're a lightsider, or neutral, and get a fully upgraded personal crystal, you'll get some very nice DEX and WIS bonuses, which will grant you some more bonuses to your defense. Also, finding DEX enhancing items is somewhat easier than finding STR enhancing items.


By the time all of your bonuses stack up, your combined DEX and WIS bonuses will give you a much better defense than just armor, even if upgraded with the items that Samaurai Gaijin suggested, and your Force powers won't be restricted.


If, on the other hand, you are female, and don't care much for using Force Powers, then I wholly agree with Samaurai Gaijin on the Felenar Armor.

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