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Tyrants From Afar

Diogo Ribeiro

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Geweldenaren Van Ver (Tyrants From Afar) iis a short CG film that was showcased at the 'Rocketclip festival', which is part of the 'Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival' held annually in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


As part of one of the most prestigious festivals in Holland, the 'Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival', featured a small sub festival called Rocketclip. Organizers of the Rocketclip festival wrote out a competition calling upon young filmmakers to submit their work. (...)


Soulbase (...), together with House Of Secrets (...) and Maniacs Of Noise (...) committed themselves to the mentioned task. Within a period of two and a half weeks, 'Tyrants From Afar' was realised from concept to final version, which is pretty fast (and very exhausting!). The reason for this short development period was simple, it was all the time we had left until the festival closed the possibility to submit work for entering their competition.


You can access their page here. It's a very good, albeit very small movie based aroun the Festival's theme, Sci-Fi. Those who enjoy giant robots and alien invasions with a retro feel will probably like it. It's too damn short, though.

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