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Queen Talia loot bug?

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When, playing Dark Side, you get a call from Colonel Tobin to go back to Onderon and settle their civil war, and you meet General Vaklu and ask him about rewards for helping him, one of the choices he offers, besides 10,000 credits, or access to force sensitive Onderon citizens, is all the loot on Queen Talia's person. Even if you choose Talia's loot like I did, at the end of the Onderon battle, when you kill Queen Talia and you'd think that's when you get her loot but you don't/ Immediately after she dies, the game sends you to dialogue mode with Vaklu which was then immediately succeeded by a cutscene of shuttling back to Dxun. You never get a chance to loot her or go back to Onderon. Is this a bug? Or is Talia somehow lootable- if so, how?

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