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How to level up <yourname> crystal?

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I think every three levels is right; usually I'm maxed on LS points by the time I hit the Telos Jedi Academy, so I'm not getting the alignment thing that everyone else mentioned. Maybe I'll try saving some levels and see if that affects the crystal when I get the chance to go get it - maybe stop my leveling at the Telos crash scene or something.


Frankly, this is really obnoxious. The crystal is supposed to go up to level 9, and the highest that I keep getting is either 5 or 6. Probably 5; I've never really counted.


And I'm glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who never realized that I could level up the crystal, but I *did* pick that up on my second playthrough, all those many months ago.

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The character crystal shines with overpowering brilliant intensity when a PC is at level 33 for both DS/LS assuming alignment mastery has been reached.

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Serious BUMP ... I thought this thread was dead long ago ...


It is every three levels (at 12, 15, 18, etc.) and I believe the max power of the crystal can be achieved if you're 36th level (but I don't have my notes from that experiment with me, so I can't confirm).


36? The best I could do was 30, close to the end. How/where do you get that many XP? I usually do all the available dialogues too, but I never got more than lvl 30.

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