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Low level cross-class Stealth (other skills)?

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Got the save before talking to her. Going to get Awareness as the strongest one, although this can be fixed during the soonest level-up (thinking Persuade but Awareness also has a nice ring to it along with Precognition, Battle Precognition, Force Sight etc). Problem comes with the weakest. I get Demolitions, Security and Stealth. All untrained (0), all cross-class (Consular 11). As my character's DEX sucks (10) compared to his INT (16), Stealth would have to be the suckiest one. Is there any use for low levels of cross-classed Stealth, just one point? You can raise it somewhat with items and Valour should also help, along with stimulants, but what for? Does such a low level in the skill already open new options? Is there any benefit? Or do you just lose miss out on XP you could get from fights?


It's not like I've ever used a stealth generator in either game, I just don't care.


While my Consular is the most lacking in Stealth, it's Security he most often ends up calling someone else to do. Demolitions, my eye... Disable Droid and poof. Cheap, quick and easy. If I want to collect mines for chemicals, I'm going to need max ranks, anyway.


As a bonus philosophical problem, let's meditate on what a Jedi would consider his greatest weekness: the area where he's the most lacking or the area he lacks the most (calls friends to do). :luck:

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Don't worry about the Skill lessons...

They are bugged and except for extra Force Points no bonus to skills is given...


Don't you get the XP from learning a new lesson Kreia taught you?

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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Right... now what's the greater weakness. The skill you don't have but see use for and ways around the low rank (all those many different items of Security + 4... 6... itd), or the skill you totally don't give a damn about and don't want to have to do with? :D


But, seriously, thanks for advice. Much appreciated. :luck:


Edit: Any special benefits from maxed Awareness along with Kreia's bonus, +6 from LS mastery etc?

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