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THE BEST #$%! Idea 4 Kotor 3

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Alright this is what I think kotor 3 should be about... (but im pretty sure they are already working on the third one by now)


This is after kotor1 but before kotor2


in the prologe you pick your caracter (gaurdian, sentiel, consular) so all that stuff. but this time, you select lightsabor color.


You begin in a jedi acadamy. You are around 22 ears of age, and your almost a jedi knight. You continue your training, untill you get in a disagreement with the council about haveing dualsabors, or a saborstaff. They complain that a jedi shouldnt have nothing more then one sabor, and that a jedi shoudent reliy on attack to settle arguments at other places. So you continue you training, but at the end of the training ground the acadamy is under attack by dark jedi!


you see a chance to kill the sith lord leading the attack, but you also see a chance to kill the jedi master that wound quite except you as a jedi knight and woun,t let you have dual sabors or a staff sabor. Who do you kill. you know that killing sith would make you follow light side, and killing jedi would make you follow dark side.


I no which one people would choose, so i would do Dark side first.




You kill the jedi master, and the sith lord is pleased with you. He would make you a sith knight, but you need to know more about the sith. so he takes you to a sith acadamy and there you train as sith. You make friends with darkjedi and a sith soldier, (party members) and you become sith knight and you leave in a sith ship to go to a battle at a newly discovered plant. you see at the other end at the battle feild is your friend from the jedi acadamy. You have a big battle and the republic loses. You kill your friend, but then the commander tells you to get a small ship and go help another army. on the way your ship get intercepted by republic scum, and you must excape the ship. After that...umm some thing happens. Obsidian staff could make up something.




You kill sith lord, and the master makes you a knight. Also, the council grants you the privlige to have dual sabor and saborstaff. You get asigned a mission like you must expore these ruins at kashyyyk and then this monitor talks to you and aparantly talks to you for 6 years, but you dont notice it untill you step outside and the wookie villiage is gone. you must look around and try to find out what has happened over the years, and you must find another jedi to help you. (excile *wink wink* :devil: ) and the Obsidian staff could make up something.


Do you like? tell me what you like and what you didn't. tell me what you think should happen after that?

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And by the way; real jedi would try to come to peaceful solution.

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This is after kotor1 but before kotor2


You already lost me here...


I did read the rest, but it didn't change anything for me.


Oh, and this topic will undoubtedly be closed shortly - the KotOR3 suggestions topic is there for a reason.


I think he means the story will be set between K1 and K2, but that makes no sense really since there was only about a 5 year gap between both as it was.

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