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War of the Worlds


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I wouldn't say I liked the film, but t my favourite parts were when the aliens were slaughtering people and destroying everything....other then that, things were boring, especially the "family crisis melodrama" parts.

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Yes, he is. You can CLEARLY recognize his face when he's killing Mellish. Knowing how he wasn't able to do it before and it cost Mellish his life is THE driving force that pushes Upham to shoot him afterall now. If you can't recognize him, you have an eye problem.



No, theyre different people. The one who knifes that guy is a Waffen-SS soldier while the other one is Heer(regular army). Steamboat willie is played by J

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Thank you Kaftan.


I had just checked on my DVD, and they clearly are different. Apparently some places have him creditted as Mac Steinmeier.



Here's a website that has a comparison:





I would say the "driving force" behind shooting Steamboat Willie is because while Upham was hiding, he had a perfect vantage point of seeing Willie join the battle and shoot Captain Miller on the Bridge. He probably wasn't too pleased to seem him shoot Captain Miller, a man Upham seemed to respect.

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Im not going to bother with this one, its just a damn rape of the original concept. And that damn dirty Hubbologist.. I mean Scientologist psycho Cruise aint exactly my cup of tea.

Everyone loves Orson Welle's radio adaptation which completely changed the book into a radio news program.


Spielburg was far more faithful to the book than I guessed he would be. And while I hate Scientology, and Tom Cruise these days, it didn't detract from the real star of this film, ILM.

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