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Playboy gameplay in KOTOR

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Well, since KOTOR is an RPG game and is made to be "flexible" for every player (or playa ;) ), I suggest adding new dialogue options based on people with playboy personalities. Say you can try to flirt with every female (even the grannies or the teens if you're trying to set a record game ;) ) in the game (or every male if you're a homosexual, but you'll probably end up getting beat by the majority :ermm: ). I bet many people would find it fun to go balling in bars like the Mos Eisley Cantina or Nar Shadda. Would make an even better reason to invest in your persuade skills for those who don't get very lucky. :luck: Would be kinda cheap if you have to use force persuade, but it's an RPG so by all means play it as you will. Hehehe for those engaged people who wouldn't find it fun, how about you gotta fend off your romance from other ballers (probably 60% of all males you encounter). And if you're playing as a chick, don't feel left out. You can always play as a playmate. :wub:o:) Or heck, maybe even a playgirl. :devil: Though I doubt the majority would, but RPGs are designed to be flexible, aren't they not? Just watch out on making a move on pimping the non-lesbo chicks as well. Thoughts? Just don't hate the player, hate the game. :shifty: $$

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