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Atris, Kreia, Revan & more -- "Revelations"

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This may not come as news to some here. Still it clears up many questions that turn up, without answers, in numerous posts in these forums.


There is a thirteen part series, "The Sith Lord Chronicles" published on LA's official SWKotORII site that gives some answers about Revan's disappearance, Kreia's and Atris' backgrounds, Malacor V, etc. The Chronicles are also published in an easier to read format at Gamebanshee.


Below are Parts 12 and 13, which I found to be the most help in filling in story info. The complete series can be found at:

http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii/chronicles.php or at

http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swkotor_sit.../indexDark.html (Game Info -> Chronoicles)




Part XII: The Feeding of Malachor V

Time frame: 3,955 - 3,953 B.B.Y.

Period name: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords


It is a period of uncertainty across the galaxy. After a long and vicious battle in the deepest area of the STAR FORGE, Dark Lord of the Sith DARTH REVAN succeeds in destroying his ex-apprentice DARTH MALAK. After recovering from the duel, Revan seeks out the secret dark outposts he established during the Mandalorian War. Journeying to the Outer Rim in the EBON HAWK, Revan is focused with a single purpose: locating the source of the dark power on MALACHOR V. Those awaiting Revan's arrival, including members of the Sith and the Jedi, are shocked when he fails to return from this pilgrimage. It is unknown whether Revan destroyed or resurrected the primal Sith forces on this forbidden planetoid.


The turmoil of the previous decade has had a detrimental effect on the surviving members of the Jedi Order. Disillusionment and despair persists in the wake of the war both throughout the Old Republic, and within the Jedi Order itself. Furthering exacerbating the malaise is the corruption of Darth Revan and Darth Malak, and the untold harm their actions had brought to the Republic. These three reasons were cited by many the impetus for the disbanding of the Jedi. While the Jedi mull over their troubles, the battle-hardened Mandalorian hero CANDEROUS ORDO returns to the homeworld of DXUN, seeking to rebuild his clan, and find a new purpose in the galaxy. Through prowess and cunning, he rises to eventually become Mandalore.


JEDI MASTER KREIA, Revan's old mentor, is still haunted by guilt, wondering whether it was her teaching that resulted in Revan's fall to the dark side, and begins to search for him. Sensing his last location, she travels to Malachor V, but is unable to shield her emotions, and is completely consumed by the dark side of the Force. She is lost to the Jedi, spending the next several years on Malachor V, learning its secrets, and eventually becoming The master of the Sith academy there. Guided by Kreia's influence, Sith assassins once again begin to emerge silently from Malachor V and strike at isolated Jedi across the Republic, capturing some Jedi to turn to the dark side, and slaying those that resist. Taken to the dark side world of Malachor V to be fed to the planet's dark energies, these Jedi husks create even more assassins and DARK JEDI, feeding the planet's hunger.



Part XIII: Ascension of the Sith

Time frame: 3,953 - 3,951 B.B.Y.

Period name: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords


It is the beginning of the Jedi's decline throughout the Galaxy. Individual Jedi begin to leave the Jedi Order, and the Jedi Watchmen of many systems, disenchanted with the endless, pointless struggles, step down and exile themselves in unknown quadrants of the galaxy, echoing the disillusionment of Jedi Master JOLEE BINDO. These are referred to by scribes of the time as the LOST JEDI. With their numbers already thinned by the war with DARTH MALAK, the Jedi Order is reduced to less than one hundred surviving Jedi Knights. As the numbers of Jedi continue to dwindle, the remaining practitioners of the light side of the Force believe the Lost Jedi to have forsaken the Order, but in fact, many of them are victims of Sith Assassins, or are being captured and imprisoned on the dark side world of MALACHOR V, waiting to be converted to the dark side of the Force. Under the watchful gaze of a corrupted Jedi KREIA, many of these Jedi die, but some are converted.


Coming to the realization that they are being targeted by a hidden and insidious adversary, the Jedi Order scatter, going to ground in an attempt to draw out the attackers. To all intents and purposes, the Jedi Order disbands, and renounces the Old Republic. One of the Order, JEDI MASTER ATRIS, gives in to her frustration and the collapse of the Jedi Order, and begins to delve into Sith holocrons to attempt to determine the nature of the threat facing the Jedi. Attempting to summon the remaining Jedi she has kept contact with, Atris attempts to call a Jedi Conclave under the strict agreement of secrecy on a Midrim world. She struggles to comprehend her actions as the Conclave is interrupted when every single Jedi attending vanishes without a trace. It is later discovered that all of them were savagely culled by Dark Side Sith Assassins under the command of DARTH NIHILUS. Unknown to the rest of the Jedi, Atris secretly leaked knowledge of the Jedi attending the Conclave in the hopes that the enemy would reveal themselves. However, the results were worse than Atris could have possibly imagined.

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Umm... I would put a LOT of faith in this. This explains everything that was left unexplained; as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't conflict with anything said in the game.


It just involves putting your own assumptions about what happened aside for the duration of reading it, and then looking at what actually HAPPENED in the game.

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1. Nihilus used his powers to kill the Jedi on Katarr, not a legion of assassins.


2. Neither Revan nor Jolee Bindo ever became Jedi Masters, Jolee was never even a knight if I remember correctly.

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Still, the other stuff that isn't "incorrect" fits amazingly well, and explains a lot.


This might've been taken from some sort of outline for the story written before the game, mind you.


Also, Jolee may have become a Jedi Master - the writer that made Jolee, David Gaider, wrote a fan-fic for the Carth girls that included Jolee as a Jedi Master.


And Maybe Revan was a Jedi Master. I wouldn't put it past the council to call him just a "knight" because of defying the council.


Most of what's been mentioned as incorrect so far is pretty superficial... hmm...

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This is most interesting... Here's the thing about those Chronicles; they have been approved (perhaps written) by Lucas Arts, and are published by Lucas Arts as official game info on the official SWKotOR II website.


On the question of the Jedi Council on Kataar, I looked a little more carefully in the game. As it turns out, there may be some wiggle room. Visas says the Jedi "died". But Kreia says something different; she says the Jedi "are gone, vanished".


Then I looked at the Chronicle again. It says, "It is later discovered that all of them were savagely culled by Dark Side Sith Assassins under the command of DARTH NIHILUS. "


That sentence gives an impression different from what it actually says. "Assassins" gives the impression that the Jedi were killed; but the sentence actually says that they were "culled", which literally means "collected". Perhaps it is just sloppy writing. It might also be very skillful writing, in which case perhaps we will find, in future KotOR installments, some corrupted Jedi Council members in that place beyond the outer rim.

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Perhaps it is just sloppy writing. 




Sloppy writing, in Star Wars EU? Could it be?

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