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Hmm. Some more info would be nice, but (from memory):


1. Get the shutdown program from the droid by the docking hatch.

2. Get the overload program from the console near the droid.

3. Get the cell block codes from the droid commander.

4. Use the command console to upload the programs you have, use the cell block codes to unlock this restricted system and run the shutdown program on the cell block system.

5. Go to the nearest set of cell blocks (north eastern part of map). Get the turret codes from the droid in the center cell.

6. Use the nearest command console to unlock the turret system and run the shutdown program on the turrets. It will fail and the turrets will begin targetting friendlies and hostiles. Run the overload program on the turrets. They will begin firing at maximum power. Some of the turrets and droids in that area will be destroyed in the resulting firefight.

7. Bypass the area where the turrets are (eastern part of map) and head to the second cell block (south eastern part of map). Get the reset program from the droid in the cell.

8. Use the nearest command console to upload the reset program and run it on the turret system. The turrets will reset to minimum power and accuracy.

9. Return to the audience chamber (eastern part of map) and rescue the exile. Make sure to get the shield codes from the console in this room. Use this console to transfer the docking hatch power to the secondary power system (so that the hatches will unlock when the power is cut and the cloacking device deactivated). Use the nearest command console to unlock this system.

10. Search around - there are some storage containers with decent, though random, items in the southern part of the ship.

11. Head towards the bridge (western part of the map). As you approach one of the two hatches a cutscene with Goto will play and mines will activate.

12. Go through the hatch, disarm/recover/destroy the mines (having someone in your party who can recover them is a good source of XP), destroy the droid commander and take the minefield codes from him.

13. Use the minefield codes in the room beyond to unlock the system, and run the shutdown program on the mines (you could run the overload program instead, and draw the droids through the mines; but you lose some XP for recovering mines that way). Destroy the droids beyond. Run the reset program on the minefield, assuming you can recover the mines for XP, otherwise leave them shutdown.

14. Enter the bridge. Use the bridge console to run the shutdown program on the secondary power system. You can use the other console to move the docking hatches to the secondary power system if you forgot.

15. The alarms will sound; make your way back to the docking hatch where you came in and leave.

16. Don't forget to pick up two more Twilek spinning blades from the second Twin Sun meeting.

17. Done.

"We were hoping we could bring the Xbox platform into December but didn't want to make the formal announcement until we knew an earlier ship date would not compromise the quality of The Sith Lords," says Producer Mike Gallo.
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