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Do you find it odd that when you needed to conceil your identity as a jedi you could still unleash your lightsaber in front of anyone and no one would give a crap. Only in Dantooine did the settlers actually get affected by the sight of a lightsaber (not really actually.. well you know what i mean)...


The whole story is about extinct Jedi... everyone thinks they're gone... so wouldnt it make sense that when you're in a bar- you brandish your lightsaber; and then you get some kind of real-time reaction from npcs. When you turn it on shouldn't they disperse or attack you or get arrested etc...


Heh.. i know..i know... i guess the game needs a whole new engine for this kind of thing... but i might be wrong... thoughts?

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Same applies to someone carrying around a blaster rifle. I know they won't screw up my order at this bar. o:)

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