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Who is worse at hiding their evil?

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I think Kreya is 50% neutral and 50% evil, while palpatine is 100% evil.

Of course it is obvious from EP1 that palpatine and sidious are the same person, simply because of the voice. Yes, it's slightly different, but still......come on.....don't joke with me !!!!!

By the way, does anybody know how the hell palpatine can hide that he is a force user, if the jedi sense other force users????

the darkside has clouded everything,they dont know whos good or bad anymore simply because as Mace Windu said in ep2 their ability use has been diminished. :-

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Besides the fact that we could tell Palpatine was Sideous, he kept it hidden pretty well infront of everyone. He was a pretty happy guy during Ep. 1 and a little bit in Ep. 2. He made himself painstakingly obvious when he was trying to inform Anakin of the Darkside. Palpatine knew of Anakin's passion and went from that. He knew he could be turned and that he was powerful, so descression wasn't needed anymore.

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*We* can see Sidious/Palpatine is the bad one through the movie. But the characters can't. But all the characters except us *know* that Kreia is bad and evil. So I'd have to say that Kreia is worse. Everyone on the Ebon Hawk knows her agenda from the get-go. But the Senate and the Jedi don't get Palpatine either until it's too late, or ever.


Oh, and I think that Palpatine faked the whole thing against Windu, knowing how freaked out Anakin would get. But that's just my opinion. Personally, I thought it was a brilliant move on the Emperor's part n_n

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