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Game Oddity

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Ok, just checking to see if this happened to ANYONE else.


I am on Dantooine, heading back into Khoonda after freeing Vrook

from the kinrath caves and the game is transitioning from the door to

inside Khoonda headquarters


When it loads something VERY weird happened...


I have Atton and Disciple with me and when the game resumes

both are standing to the side of my PC and they have their arms

slightly out and are "SKATING" around! Gliding would probably

be more accurate...


Well after playing with them some I ran to Adare's room and I

notice that everyone else is standing like that also except Adare

and the 2 women that are standing just inside the door to Khoonda,

they appear as always, but everyone else is standing with their

arms slightly out from their sides and when I talk to them there is

conversation but no facial movement...


This is too funny!


I have a save from right before this happened so no worries there


but to see Atton and Disciple gliding about like this is hilarious!


And Vrook keeps turning from the left to the right with arms out and

looks like a bird old bird or something!


I wish I had taken a photo, but my digital camera broke... :">



I have read MANY different posts about glitches in Kotor 2 but we've

never had too much of a problem with it so far, just minor funny stuff

happening, but this is the biggest one I have run across with my game



If I hadn't have saved right before this I would be extremely worried right now...


Gotta try a reload to see if it "fixes" this....





yep, reloading my saved game fixed it..


that was weird!

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Sounds like a memory overflow. The arms and faces and characteristics are all drawn ad hoc; I had one instance (PC) with my party consisting of bodies that looked as though they had been pur




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I played Republic Commando for about eight hours straight one time, and I loaded a game that involved a hallway full of dead bodies. Well, a similar thing happened, and when the game was loading, the bodies didn't spawn quite right. Next thing I knew, I was walking down a hall full of dead clone troopers frozen in mid air! I could beat them like pinatas and everything! I almost hated to turn it off...

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Listen all of ya'll, this is sabatoge

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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It's actually the rarest and most devastating of all Force Powers: Force Amok. It doesn't work as a normal power, though, taking many hours of gameplay to build up the strength, taken directly from the player's Force power.




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