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Where's are the locations of the HK-47 pieces?

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Umm... the pacifist package you get from Geeda after you clear the trade routes with Dantooine and Onderon.


You get a piece from the HK-50 on Peragus, and another from the HK-50 at the Telos polar cap.


I have a feeling that you get the other two parts from HK's on the other planets, but I can't remember.

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You get one peice from the HK on Peragus, one peice from an HK on Telos, one peice from an HK on Nar Shadaa, and the other can be bought from a few droid dealers. Kodin on Nar-Shadaa for instance, or the big eared guy on Dantooine, I can't recall his name though, and then some droid on Onderon. When buying HK parts, be sure that the part for sale is not one that you have already found. If you go to Nar Shadaa first, you have a chance to have HK rebuilt before you leave.

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You can find the pieces in many planets. I dont remember all the places but you can dind definetely in Dantooine (ask the droid merchant outside of the command center), in Onderon (the protocol droid in the merchant square has one) and on Nar Shadda (also in the droid merchant). You can find one part in the polar plateau (you encounter some assasin droids there) as well as on Nar Shadda (when you manage to get Vogga's ID launch codes). I hope I helped.


P.S I will soon post a solution on Internet. Meanwhile if you have any questions write again in the forum. Someone will answer you.

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