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  1. You have to speak with a Twilek in Nar Shaddaa refugee sector and then to speak to Atton if you want to learn his true ID
  2. When I refer to mana or to spells I mean (of course) the force points. I am just used to D&D RPGs
  3. Finally, a (granted, cheap) reason to pick this force power. Will the basic Saber Throw (ie, one level of it) be enough to do the job? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sure just it will take you more time. Dont worry about that since Kreia doesn't regenerate her hit points. If your force points depleted wait until you have enough mana and continue to hit Kreia until you destroy her.
  4. You are right mu friend. I didn't use this trick (my character was level 28 before this battle and I didnt have any difficulties) but some players may have problems with this battle. Using this method (if you dont have a strong character) you will win easily this battle
  5. There is an alternative easier way to defeat Kreia in the last battle. When you defeat her for first time, she sends three lightsabers against you. Disengage and start running around the area until you manage to seperate the lightsabers. Kill the one close to you but DO NOT approach the others. You can beat Kreia with two way: either to destroy the lightsabers (thats the obvious way) or you can kill Kreia (she is unable to attack you now - only her lightsabers can). However you cant approach her because her remaining lightsabers will attack you and you can use your blaster since she deflects
  6. You can find the pieces in many planets. I dont remember all the places but you can dind definetely in Dantooine (ask the droid merchant outside of the command center), in Onderon (the protocol droid in the merchant square has one) and on Nar Shadda (also in the droid merchant). You can find one part in the polar plateau (you encounter some assasin droids there) as well as on Nar Shadda (when you manage to get Vogga's ID launch codes). I hope I helped. P.S I will soon post a solution on Internet. Meanwhile if you have any questions write again in the forum. Someone will answer you.
  7. Use Kreia's force lightning (the tank droid is unable to resist this damage). If you have a Jedi guardian like me send him to attack the droid while you shoot with Bao-Dur. I didn't face any problem with this battle. An alternative will be to switch to solo mode (keep your other two characters in the control room) and to use Kreia's spells against the droid. When your vitalirty drops very low disengage, heal your character and rerurn to finish the job
  8. Hi guys! I want to ask if any of you managed to access the meditation room in Trayus prooving grounds. I can see a bookmark in the map but i can't find any way to access it.
  9. Thank you guys. I have finished the game but I was wondering about this area. Thanks again.
  10. In the docks of Nar Shaddaa while I have search all the map I haven't found a way to enter the area above the floophouse. The map indicates an area there but the two doors aren't accessible. If anyone knows how I can gain access please relpy me. Thanks
  11. Its up to you. I finished the game as a LS Jedi. I dont know what happens if you have mastery in DS but mastery in LS gives you an additional +3 in Strength (very useful for the last difficult fights). As for the lightsaber I dont think that the choice of single or double is that important.
  12. Check this site: http://www.cdrinfo.gr/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=13589 from CDRinfo (4.5/5)
  13. You haven't define for whom do you speak. Kreia or Darth Sion? I used a Jedi guardian (level 28) and I didnt face any problem with Darth Sion. I can see from your stats that magic is your strong point. You might try to use as many stimulants you can and if you are close to death, disengage, use the force speed to run away and heal you character before Darth Sion comes close to you. Also if you have gained a level just before the final battle keep it until you face the boss. When you are low of vitality level up and you automatically regain all your hit points pack. For a lightsaber battle it
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