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Brightness Bug after installing 1.0b patch...

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Hello guys, long time no post. I have a 3GHz Dell Dimension with 1024 RAM, an ATI Radeon 9800 256Mb GPU and the newest Detonator 5.5 drivers.


I updated through the game menu update service, started playing and now every time I start the game, immediately when the first company logo starts showing the brightness of the game gets upped 200% or so. I go to Settings and Graphics and click the brightness slider once, which resets the brightness to normal levels, then I begin playing. It's started to become a habit now, but the brightness-attack appears every time I click the Windows-button to go out to Windows temporarily.

I have to repeat the "reset"-ritual again after returning to the game.


This wouldn't have been so bad if not for the fact that the game has started kicking in the brightness-bug every time there is a large, unclickable scene transition (like some scenes between Visquis and Hanharr that can't be skipped).


This is pissing me off greatly, has anyone had the same brightness-overdrive?

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I find it hard to believe that no one else here has had the same problem, my computer is one of the most common configs in the world. Isn't there some sort of toggle or script in one of the config-files or something, that determines the brightness level in the game? I didn't have this problem without the patch...

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I have the opposite, when a movie starts the gamma goes down and I barely see in game after...


I think it's actually partly because you're really not intended to change window focii once you're in game. As such it'll snap back to your default brightness once you change windows and the KotOR II settings just won't override your normal desktop ones.


My $0.02 anyway

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