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Str vs Dex??

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Hey! I'm new here and I've been playing Kotor 2 for a while.. And I've been wondering, is str better than dex or vice versa?

Both have advantages/disadvantages IMO, str adds damage with melee hits, while dex adds to the ability to avoid them.


Str - Offence


Dex - Defence


They do say the best defence is a good offence, but as its turn based combat, it doesn't really apply (Except dispatching an enemy quicker)


Though after about 25 levels, it becomes moot, as you will be so 'uber' :-"


Incidentally I always upgrade Dex (low level) then str (higher level)


P.S. Sorry it isn't a proper answer to your question, but I thought I'd explain my opinion on it, as I don't know for certain which is 'actually' better. :geek:

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DEX builds only work if you take the Finess feat for the particular weapon (melee or lightsabre) you use.


I find DEX to be more useful because:


1) As the previous poster pointed out, a high DEX gives you better defense

2) Once you invest in the Finess Feat, the higher of DEX or STR counts towards chance to hit

3) There are far more equipment items (for an LS character) that increase DEX than STR (though there are a lot more STR-enhancing items in KotOR II than I)

4) If you are a Jedi wearing a robe, DEX won't be restricted by armor

5) DEX helps ranged and melee and lightsabres. STR will only help melee and lightsabres. (Okay, unarmed combat is good with lots of STR).


A high-STR player is going to finish fights much sooner thanks to the damage dealt. A high-DEX player is going to finish fights slower (relatively) but as they are more apt to miss getting hit, it evens out in the end.


Regardless of whether or not you choose DEX or STR to increase, when you get to the end-game, your character is pulling down the hit-points of your enemy so fast that it ultimately doesn't really matter.

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For large multi-opponent battles, the higher armor class bonuses granted by a high dex tend to win-out.


For one-on-one, they are about even for the reasons mrstormrage listed. For larger multi-opponent battles, the higher AC from high DEX is far more valuable than high STR. Can typically take down most opponents in onr, maybe two, rounds anyway regardless of STR. High STR really only adds a very small amount of damage in comparison to what a full upgraded sabre/melee weapon do. Not getting hit counts for a lot more when facing off against 10-15 opponents.

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Neither is better. Just choose whether or not you'd like your character to be stronger or to be more agile.



Don't let the stats dictate how you should play the game...play it however you like.

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Depends on what you are looking for when you're creating a power character:


- If you want the character most suitable for completing the game, strength is better. Both STR and DEX builds will be able to breeze through the later stages, but the STR build will do so faster because it does more damage and finishes enemies sooner.


- If you want the best character at fighting possible, then choose dexterity. If you like the feeling that your character is a perfectly designed killing machine, then DEX is better: in other words, if in a hypothetical player vs. player mode a DEX build and a STR build faced off, I believe that the DEX build would win.

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