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plz i need guide

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can anyone plz help me about TSF Bounty : Escaped Criminals quest on telos.


i met the criminals at Czerka Corp (the criminals's talking to Lorso), then they run.

so, where i'm suppose to go to kill them? :)


i already search them ientire telos (well, not entire planet telos actually)


i already patched n download some file at TSL Restoration Project to fix the bugs

but still, i cant complete the quest.


why??? :(

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You may meet them on the planet, when you eventually get there, and more likely if you are DS. However, this is still bugged, I believe, so there's no guarantee you'll ever find them.

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No, ime the best way to see them is to wait to get the quest until you are ready to go down to the planet. Once you have permission from the Ithorians (if you're playing lightside) get the quest from Grenn, head over to Czerka to watch them escape, then head right to the shuttle and down to the planet. That's worked every time for me.

The other bounties can be completed after returning to Telos later.

However, in order to get Grenn to help with the smuggling quest, you do have to do that one before you leave for the planet's surface.

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