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Please HELP!!!!!!

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Okay, I know that I am missing something here, but I am getting slaughtered as Mira when I am trying to open the door for the Jedi. All those stupid assassins keep coming at me and I am unable to kill them in time to figure out how to get the door open. Is there something I need? Please help me!!!!!!

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try using stealth and don't engange the enemy unless you have to. Let the jeedai mop the floor with those dudes. If you do get in a scrap, keep your distance and take advantage of Mira's Rocket Launcher. It can fire grenades as well... :)


Jaguars4ever is still alive.  No word of a lie.

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If you want to kill them with Mira then when you start getting close to the assassins move closer inch by inch. If you do that you will limit the number in the area that actually attempt to attack you. Or just shoot one from far off and run back.


If you have troubles with those battles then just run around as many obstacles as you can while stopping every now and then for a short time to shoot your pistols at them, then run more circles until they get far enough behind you to shoot again. It takes a while, but it's highly effective.

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The first time through, I went through about 40 Advanced Health Packs to try to keep her alive. The second time through, I upgraded her Treat Injury so that she wouldn't go through as many. Despite TI being a cross-class skill, she gets so many skill points that I was holding back skills for her close to the end leveling.


I also leveled her by putting points into DEX, maxed out Blaster Rifle, and gave her Improved Rapid Shot. Then I chose the two Close Combat feats for her. So now it only took 3 Advanced Health Packs to keep her alive. :thumbsup:


This allowed me to take on the assassins without running around, stealthing around, or laying mines.

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I usually like to max out Mira's levels as Jedi, so I don't bother levelling her up even once.


You can get out of the area only beating Hanharr, four Kath Hounds, and two Ubese.


The trick is to have plenty of personal melee shields, medpacks, and lots of mines, preferably "Deadly Frag" types (if someone is good with demolitions or med tech you should have quite a few by the time area comes around. If not, buy 'em). Avoid using gas mines.


Remember, Mira doesn't set off mines.


So what you do is you first let Hanharr chase you around that arena and run him over the mines that are already there. Keep running him around in a large-ish circle (about the same size as the 'circle' that the mines made). You'll notice that as you take turns, you'll start to widen your lead in front of Hanharr. Lay down a mine when that happens. Like five deadly frag mines is usually enough for Hanharr. Obviously, stuff will still hit you. That's what the melee shields and medpacks are for. Use them if you get hurt.


Repeat for the Kath Hounds. Get the key and the stuff from the bodies.


Lay down some mines at the opposite ramp. Five or six deadly mines should be enough. Run up the ramp, open the door. Lure the two Ubese down for fun and games.


Go into the room, take a left then just make a beeline straight for the exit door and open a dialogue with it.


Then the Exile comes in and the fur really begins to fly... :lol:

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