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Atton and Nar Shadaa Questions

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I still haven't been able to get Atton to become a Jedi. I am coming up to the part where I have to face off against the two Twi'Leks. How can I win without leveling him?


Also, what is the best (most advantageous, like in conversations and Influence) party configuration for Nar Shadaa? Thanks.

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I find that Atton and Bao-Dur are the two you can earn the most influence with on Nar Shaddaa, though I personally always end up running around with Atton and Disciple simply because I like that combo.


Granted if you're trying to earn influence with a specific one (of Atton and Bao-Dur, that is), you do have to watch out, because there's a spot or two where you can earn influence with either one of them (but not both) through the same act... and as far as I can tell, it's totally random who gets the influence.


You can earn influence with both by fixing the speeder, though.


As for the Twi'leks... what did you mean by not leveling him? Like, not leveling him AT ALL? :huh: Cause you're probably going to have your ass handed to you if you don't level him up a little bit. Though it might still be doable... if you run out behind the bar and do it quickly enough, they won't follow you there, and you can just stand behind there and shoot at them without them reaching Atton. (not the most "sportsmanlike" way, but if you don't want to level him up, that's probably your best bet)


Why am I always the first one to answer all the Atton-related questions? I'm like a moth to a porch light whenever I see the name "Atton", it would seem. :thumbsup:

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If you really don't want to level him, if you haven't reached the anger/pleased quota w/the Exchange yet, you can just fight off the guys on the ship and then go elsewhere for Atton influence to turn him into a Jedi first (if you can't get them from Nar Shadda anymore).


Otherwise, yeah, tough battle there, if you leave him at like lvl 8 or something. Or a cheesy battle. Take your pick. :D

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