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Obsidian working on NeverWinter Nights 2

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im hoping so but im not going to hold my breath, if you dont expect it your never dissappointed only pleasantly suprised :p



Indeed, but with Obsidian announcing a new project I really have high hopes for a late Dec release now.

me to :p but i try not to, it does seem though that they have kept their options open by saying "winter" soooo

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It seems that orthodox calendar thing was a joke. Especially now, because I think they would want to get started on Neverwinter Nights 2.



Yeah... didn't that come from IGN or something? They were being smartasses about how LA was considering February 2005 as Winter 2004. It wasn't LA's joke, it was the media's joke - LA would, if they were going by the "Orthodox Christian Calendar", definitely specify that. And if they did that seriously, well... it would be a joke anyway. People don't just decide to use the chinese zodiak calendar for release dates, do they?

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