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Kotor 3 quests

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i know people r pretty sick of all these kotor 3 threds but just out o f curiosity what quests should be in teh next game. i would really like smuggling and more quests to do with swoop racing like the signing nico one in kotor 1. spice deals and other trading stuff would b cool also.

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I kind of miss the KOTOR 1 side quests that took you deeper into the backgrounds of your teammates.


WOW Im on a roll with disagreeing today!


I found KotOR2 told much more of your parties background then KotOR1 ever did.


The only obvious difference was the side quest for KotOR2 was gaining influence to find that information which was an excellent and logical way to do it.



Far as whats in next game, I have listed what I think in a different thread but will condense here as well.


1) Revan and Exile must meet up to defeat the real sith

2) we need closure on the party NPCs from game 1 and 2 (and not just predetermined one line explanation closure)

3) We need to find out, does the exile stay true to jedi tradition, does he follow Kreias warning, does he hook up with Visas/Handmaiden/Mira? Which one? which 2? all 3?

4) HK factory must be in K3

5) What happens with Mandalore

6) Do exile and revan rebuild the academies on Dant and Telos? (Korriban if dark side)

7) Do Revan and Bastila rejoin togather?


Those the mandatory things we need to see in K3 far as Im concerned.


Basically we need closure!


PS: either return to part 1 swoop racing or remove it from game! Tried it couple times in part 2 and didnt bother from then on. New style was not fun what so ever if you ask me!

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