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earliest time you got visas intro

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Just exit and re-enter the Ebon Hawk multiple times to sequentially trigger the plot devices.


Once you board the Ebon Hawk on Peragus you cannot leave it again.

Either you take out all Sith with the turret (more XP) or you mop up the rest who boarded your ship, but after that the Ebon Hawk will be space-borne in any case.

When you touch down on Citadel you cannot go back into the ship

because you get arrested and lose the Ebon Hawk.



Regarding the thread topic, I usually get the intro somewhere on Citadel but then I usually play LS. If I play DS then it is often later rather than sooner, simply because many of the DS options are so utterly stupid. I can picture myself as cynical and perhaps a bit ruthless (Revan-/Goto-type evil), but not as a cross between a petulant child and a psychopathetic moron.


Edit: tagged some spoilers. Why was a topic like this posted here instead of in the spoiler forum? It is virtually impossible to discuss it without touching up spoilerish aspects.

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I got it the first time I entered that Entertainment area...place...thing(whatever it's real name was) on Citedel Station.


Entertainment Module? The scene with the two mercs begging for a knuckle sandwich? :D Same for me, on some LS playthroughs.


I think this is the first light-side act on Citadel, and so it certainly seems possible to get the Visas vision already during the flight from Peragus. I mean, it is just one more LSP. For example, besides all the regular chatting with Atton and Kreia there's also everyone's favourite astromech droid. A character with high INT and maxed-out Repair/Computer skills could make quite a bit of progress with T3 (either still on Peragus or during the flight), and there may be LSPs.


For a DS player it should be even easier - if you can stomach selecting the most childish responses. :blink:

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On my DS run I got it right before I broke into the Exchange place on Citadel, and on LS I usually get it sometime after I leave Telos.


you look like your new...


introducing the spoiler tag.


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i am so damned sexy



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use it when your about to reveal a spoiler.



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I believe that the Visas cutscene is tied to your alignment. IIRC, you'll get the cutscene around the time when you gain 25% toward either LS or DS. I'm not sure if the cutscene will only trigger when there's others, or when you're entering a new location, or what. But I do believe that you need to be 25% either way to trigger the cutscene.


So basically it depends on how fast you can be good or bad. It also means that it's possible to never get Visas, or a prestige class.

Live forever or die trying.



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