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I'm intending to buy a new graphics card but unfortatly I can only afford these:


GeForce 4 MX4000-T128 128 MB [ADVANTECH or MSI]

GeForce FX5200 64MB 128bit [ADVANTECH]

Radeon 9200SE 128MB [sAPPHIRE]

Radeon 9250-T128 128MB [sAPPHIRE]


That's all I can afford, so wich one do you suggest?

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Agreed, you should prob'ly save up your money for a bit longer while still looking for a good deal on some of the better GFX cards from ATi and Nvidia. unfortunatly I can't remember any specific good mid-range cards off the top of my head right now...


(I have a GF4MX440, and while you *can* run games like Doom 3 with one, you'll have to do a lot of tweaking and messing with RAM/GFX settings to get a *good* framerate)

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I haven't used any of the cards you mentioned, but I have the GeForce 5200FX 128Mb version. It runs Kotor 2 very well, decent graphics and no stability issues to mention. However, for most new games that come out, I'm running them with a lot of features turned off, and at 800x600 rather than higher resolutions. They're still good, but I don't think the card has much life left.


So I would steer clear of the 64Mb Geforce, as it will likely struggle more, be limited to 640x480 resolutions, and become obsolete faster than my own.

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It depends what games you want to run and what spec the rest o your system is. Out of those cards I'd go for the 9250, but only if it is 128bit, not 64bit. Not sure where you live, but why not get something better off Ebay (even a 4600 ti would own any of those cards you suggested). If you can hold off for a bit, save up for 9550.

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I had a 9500 Pro w/ 128MBRam and Loved the darn thing! it started to get a bit out of date so i bought a 6800 GT. i like it but its not the same quality. its fast and faster then ati in many respects but i get the feeling its power over quality. id rather get a ATI video card. but i havnet tried the new ATI line up.

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I've got a crappy Radeon X300. My GForce 4 Ti 4200 performed better, but it won't fit the motherboard of my new computer. :p

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200$?! Where the hell am I gonna get that kinda money?!


Okay, here is a lplace where you can get some decent Video Cards for a good price. If I were you I would seriously consider to save up money to get a decent card than to have your card be obsolete the moment you open the box. Also I would get an NVidia card. They are generally slower than a Raedon, but they have less compatibility issues with software.




Such as you can get a Geforce FX 5500 with 256 MB for the same price as as that 4000 after rebate.


Just keep that in mind.


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@Killuminati Good luck mate - that card will perform far better than any of the ones you were looking at.


@6 Foot Invisible Rabbit: He lives in Croatia, so he can't use the rebate, and would have to pay a fortune in shipping :p (Not to mention that the 5500 is a 5200 with a different name)

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