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Atris vs Nihilius (spoiler)

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(keep in mind that i'm not proficient in modding, but i like this idea)


I am sure most people remember how the pre-release (admittedly awesome wallpapers) advertisements of KOTORII gives the impression that Atris and Nihilius will have some sort of Clash of The Titans showdown. As we all know, this never occurs in the game. So, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in building such a mod.

(it's hard to post such an idea on Holowan lab, considering most of the time it'll get buried by hundreds of item/robe/skin mod)


This is a basic idea: Right after Kreia's betrayal, a npc runs up to the exile and tells him that Telos is under attack. We skip the Telos academy part, and have the exile enter the ravager right away. When he arrives at the command deck, he sees Atris fighting Nihilius. (and presumably she loses). After she's defeated, Atris confesses her feelings to the Exile and gives him his old lightsaber.


Now, this idea takes away a lot of the "complexity" of Atris' story, but i'm sure there are people who would like to see the fight

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Mod-wise it would be rather impractical.


I do like the idea though. I was really taken up by the early Atris concept art-work, and the whole Nihilus/Atris linedup fading flash, and the fact that most of the promo and downloadable material involves them the most.


(I think most K2 modders capable of stuff at this level are hard working on the Droid Factory anyway)


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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You could get around having to script new dialogue for her if you have her player controlled. She could lead the party boarding the Ravager while the Exile, Mira and the droids go to Malachor V.


PC characters doesn't speak when having dialogue, and she already have a party portrait...

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