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Normal Attack always inserted

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This mainly gets annoying when you want to use Force Powers or grenades, or if you've reached the level where you have a good chance at a one-round kill.

When I pause (or even if it pauses it for me), and I queue up actions, say "Wave, Critical, Critical", a standard attack always seems to either be inserted as the first action, or sometimes it's the only action (queue cleared).


Anybody else experiencing this (any solutions)?


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The only time this ever happened to me is when there was no longer any actions queued by myself and the AI went to the default normal attack. Otherwise, I never ran across this problem as long as I remembered to queue all my PC and NPC's attacks.

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Sometimes if you 'cancel combat' and then re-click on an enemy(while still paused), that goes away.


Other times, if you unpause/pause again really fast it sometimes (again, not always) re-sets/rethinks/clears the queue or something and you can then set up your queue without it showing up. I don't know if that makes sense, but either of those things works for me 90% of the time when it happens. Which isn't too often.

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What you describe happens to me and it's annoying.


My NPC queues don't "stick" and that's annoying.


When I try to divide and conquer by having my NPCs attacked different targets, they always immediately stop what they're doing and come running along to attack my target. That's annoying.

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if you are in the middle of initiating an attack it will always put default attack on .. unless you cancel combat and start a new attack! at least that's how I have experianced the problem!

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