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Mods for KOTOR 1 & 2

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www.pcgamemods.com is one of the best places I've found for mods for plenty of our favouriste games.


If any of the pro-modders are reading this, how about making a mod that allows the PC to choose a power like Force Crush, even if he is a Light Side character;

or Force Enlightenment if he is darkside. Instead of having to play for 20 hours before they become available to you or something you can choose them to begin with. (w00t) (Drools with anticipation)


I know I'm supposed to play through each time and make different choices etc, but I'm tired of that now and want to try something a little more exotic.

I've played through with all the LS character choices and a DS character, but even still it's become a littel repetative now. I like the idea of being a good guy but being able to dish out some Old Testament vengeance! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!


Sorry i know that sounded totally childish.

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