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Twice through and I still don't get it.

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I've read many of the threads of people complaining about the lack of plot, the lame character development, the text and voice errors....blah blah blah.


I just wanted to bring up some things that I noticed on my second play through and see if any of you have experienced or thought about these things too.


1. Why the hell did Kreia even bring the exile to Malachor to kill him when one of the last things she says is "I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you." Is it her objective to kill the exile or to keep him alive? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS RETARDS!!!


2. I was browsing through the list of videos that I had unlocked and there were some that I had not seen during game play because of this weird bug I kept getting. The video would be going and I could here it but not see it. It happened like 4 different times, and it was the same videos for both of my playthroughs. I noticed one called "the death of the ebon hawk". I watched it, and it was that scene where the ebon hawk comes disloged from the rocks and falls down and is destroyed. But then I got to thinking..........AT THE END OF THE GAME IT SHOWS THE EBON HAWK FLYING OFF INTO SPACE!!!!!!!! WTF??????? Did you see anyone fixing it up? I didnt.


3. After finally defeating Kreia, you get a dialogue option to choose what to do. You can choose to stay and wait for other Jedi, or leave but not bring your friends with you. In both of my playthroughs I decided to purposely skip this choice until after I made Kreia tell me about all the things that were going to happen to the other characters. After she gets done spilling all the beans (lame beans at that) the choice of what to do option never comes back up. You can only tell her to "rest" because her work was finished.


4. IF THE EXILE JUST KILLED KREIA AND THEY WERE FORCE BONDED TOGETHER, WHY DID THE EXILE NOT DIE TOO?????? The whole damn game was talking about how when she gets hurt, he gets hurt blah blah blah. So now that were at the end of the game none of that matters anymore?


5. What a cop out at the end, having Kreia just stand there and tell the exile what would happen. Why not show things happening as she narrates or something? At least let me get to see my badass Handmaiden once more before the game is over.


I know there have probably been posts about all these topics before, but I though I could get them off my chest and maybe some of you could give me some answers.


I don't think there will be anymore play throughs for me. The story is now dull and the game is repetitious.


I did think the Consular class was WAY better than the Sentinel class. I used Sentinel the first time through and had some difficulties here and there. Second time through was with a Consular who absolutely OWNED everyone he came in contact with. By the time I hit Trayus Academy, I could take out an entire room full of Sith and Dark Jedi with 2 hits of force lightning. Wasn't even a challenge at that point. Made Sion and Kreia look like little bitches.



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I only have a delete option for the reply that I made, not the original post. WTF?

Thats because you can only delete your post if nobody has posted after you. Don't ask why, no idea.


Suggestion: Edit your original message and remove all the text, cut/paste it to a new topic and new message in the spoiler forum.


If you want this thread gone, just ask a mod (send a PM with the link) to delete it.


Well, just an idea :rolleyes:

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