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saved game

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ummm does it realy matter???


but since ur so curious its cuz my game doesnt work i just get a black screen after 1st movie, so if i can load someone elses game then ill know its either my graphics card or something or its a bug in the game, and so ill know what to do.

got it?

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thx guys it worked, so there is definatley a bug that doesnt let me start the game after the 1st movie.

so i just have 1 more request if u could just e-mail me a saved game right after the 1st movie so that i can atleast play while i wait for this stupid patch.

if anyone is willing could u just make a male jedi counsular with all the normal stats, anyname and i guess the portarte doesnt really matter but if u could make it the balled white guy it would be cool thx a lot.


send it to rhush_27@hotmail.com


i know i should have asked for this in the 1st place but i wanted 2 make sure it works first

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