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Exar Kun

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You have access to the force, you are just limited to use only force powers that allow the use of armors :)


Else, you can imagine that those armors are specifically made for the guy it's named from. Hence, these armors are not so practical for you and then does not allow all force powers to be used. just some speculations.

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The whole concept of not being able to use some force powers when in armor is stupid.

It makes no logical sense, but it may be there for simple gameplay reasons.


A Jedi with armor would be much too powerful (as if Jedi aren't already powerful enough)

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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The PnP RPG has a much better way to discourage the jedi (and many other classes) wearing armor, especially at high levels. I guess Bioware wanted to make the game more equipment based, but they could still have kept some form of the original system for the jedi instead of the silly force power restriction.

SODOFF Steam group.

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