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Remeber the cutscene where Darth Nihilus is introduced on the Ravager? The one where he Force Chokes Visas and makes her beg like a dog????


What's he saying to her, because for the life of me....with the marbles in his mouth he could be telling her to do anything.....and I personally think he is. :lol:


Geez....the guy needs speech therapy...his voice sure causes me pain!




I crushed your insignificant planet with my Force Bad Breath...why can't I sense this broken Jedi? BOW to me you.....xxxxx!


Don't fail me now.....etc etc.......insert Darkside threat here......


Hey Scotty...you got a hull patch.???


No Capten...the warp cores failin' & I don't think she gonna hold together!!!!!


opps sorry, wrong sci--fi :devil:


What's your take??????



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Speaking of untranslated Sith language, I wish that we had a translation of what the Sith holocrons are saying to Atris on Telos. I was a bit confused by the storyline at that point. It seems to me that Atris has fallen to the dark side under the influence of the Sith artifacts that she had gathered, and that all those Sith voices were telling her to be evil and so forth. I wish that had been played up a bit more. Like maybe when you return to Telos you find all the handmaidens murdered by Atris and she's let for Malachor with Kriea, or anything to actually give some weight to the fact that she's become a dark jedi.

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Indeed.  Someone here or on the GameBanshee boards recorded the sound file and played it backwards.  It's just rhythmic English played backwards, but when it's done through a voice filter, it does sound pretty cool.



Hm... well I tried reversing a couple files and they still didn't make any sense, still sounded like gibberish. It might be a mix of both reversed and non-reversed dialogue, perhaps.

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