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What's up with the masks in K2?

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Before reading, please do not make the assumption that I dislike the game (I loved it, except after Dantooine, which I abhor)


Seriously, what's up with these masks in KotorII? I mean, you character looks dumb and uncharismatic when wearing these ugly masks. Did OE think it would be cool to look like Robocop? I usually don't wear any headgear when playing KotorII, because, frankly, the headgear is hella ugly.


The same goes for the male faces you could select. There aren't any cool and jedi-looking portraits at all. But maybe it's just my taste that's too weird and strange...


My question is, are there any who actually liked the masks and the faces of the male PC's?

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I agree. I hated when some of my players had to wear an ugly mask because it was the best thing I had. The characters just looked dumb in them. It seemed even more rediculous when their speech was just as clear when it was without a giant breathing device attached to their face.


The faces were also lacking, but I found one that I eventually came to accept. I was a bit disappointed that any faces that resembled mine looked way too much like some milita man.

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Some of the masks are hidious but I like the Sith Mask, and Dash'kahir hunting mask (They have the smame exact model + texture) . And the guy on the official website makes a good pc, he doesnt look ugly IMO.

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