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Read this please.


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3-5 New guys come here everyday. And they need some help for their bugs they found, yes, and those bugs are same old complaint we found everyday we login here.


I guess you know how you feel when you find some problem and don't know how to solve.

And I assume next thing they do is run in here. Ask all of you about what they've encounter and beg for help or suggestion or WTF things you could provide to solve their probs.


Just because of their hesitation or hot temper. They start continously post their probs to new and new and another new thraed. While there're tons of old thread which already discuss those probs. In other words, someone post same old topic to a new thread because he/she doesn't know if he/she'is only one who got his/her probs.


I think it's nature of the one who got trouble and it nature to all us too.


So...Please... Could you forgive their hesitation, then answer his/her thread well? If the answer is simply and short, tell them there. If the answer is complex and incredibly long, tell them search for such topic. Please?


Don't act like mindless professor who know everything but how his student feel. There's no good at all.

They come and wait for your help, just help them. :ermm:

Or if you're in dark side, just ignore them, crushes them with your vibros, or threats them for some credits. :blink:



Oh. And all of you new guys/girls come here. I suggest you to be patient and start searching for old thread by keywords that would be related to your issue, May you could find some solution easiler than you'd aspected. It's good for whole board if there's no too much thread which speak about same topic here.

Please be patient until there's dead end in front of you, Then Post a new thread.




Thank you.

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