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Intelligence boosters

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what stats did you start with?


I usually start with a Sentinel with:


STR = 15

DEX = 10

CON = 14

INT = 16

WIS = 10

CHA = 10


As far as i know, i get all the special dialogs....i even edited classes.2da to start with 20 points on all stats to see if there is any difference to dialogs.....there is none.


Considering that i get the intelligence up to 18 as soon as possible (leveling) to get the skills up and running before getting to Prestige class.


Is this your first time playing this game? (you have probably played Kotor I, but Kotor II is slightly different....skills are more important then in the first game)


If its your first game, is suggest you do a Sentinel/Watchman (light side) or a Sentinel/Sith Assassin (Dark Side) (most skill points the classes are pretty decent.


but it all depends on your play style.

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I've always found the proof is in keeping Con at base and raising dex instead. Being a Jedi you could do with all the Dex AC bonuses that you can get, seeing as jedi robes are a little less than fully protective.


Plus, you can take your lightsaber finesse and the dex then helps out your attack rating too.


The mental attributes depend on class, but I try to have all of them at least 12, preferrably 14 if I can get the points.

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I started with these stats:


str: 14

dex: 10






That adds up correctly, right? Can't remember if this is exactly spot-on, but it is pretty close.


As for the other points in my post, yes, it is my first attempt, and I must admit I was kinda unprepared for the emphasis placed on skills. Totally different compared to the first game...

As well, you need 16 intelligence to get all the dialogue options. This is evident on the Ebon Hawk directly after leaving Peragus, where you will get the opportunity to ask T3 where he came from, if you have an intelligence of at least 16. I proved this after attempting first with my 14 int character, then using the saved game editor to upgrade his stats to 16. This is one of those "[intelligence] where did you come from?" - sort of things, of course.


I'm kind of miffed about the fact that you must choose between either a good fighting Jedi or a good talker. Although I understand and appreciate the logic and reasoning behind character attributes determining dialogue trees, I think it detracts from the experience in one way or another. And no Jedi are stupid, are they??

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